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To Mark III or not to Mark III? That is the question

I’ve been pondering lately an upgrade to the new Canon Mk III. I have been slowly entering the world of DSLR Cinematography and the qualities of the Mark III especially when it comes to low […]

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Workshops are starting in two weeks

Whether you are a complete beginner or looking to learn more about photography, our workshops are for you. From learning your way around your DSLR to learning to shoot under any conditions, you will find […]

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Workshops are on their way!

Check out our new photography workshops at From beginner to advanced users, our workshops are a fun and easy way to go from taking photos to making the photos you want.

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Flashbus tour

So the much anticipated Flashbus tour event is done and I’m of two minds about it. I really liked David Hobby; his presentation was flowing, interesting and all in all met my expectations. Joe McNally […]

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Portrait photography preparation

The attached one-page document contains some guidelines to help you look your best at your portrait shoot. A few simple dos and don’ts can make a big difference. Take a look: Portrait Prep

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It’s done

The new site is up and running. It was a hard 3 hours to set it up! đŸ™‚

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