Dance photography is my new black!

Dance photographyA few days ago, I was lucky enough to steal some time to shoot a friend who is a amazing dancer, Dita. She tirelessly run and jumped and did all the dance moves I can’t pronounce, while I fumbled with my camera trying to catch her at the right moment.

Beyond ending up with some not-too-shaby shots, I found out that I love shooting dancers. If you are a dancer and want portfolio shots, let me know!

Thank you Dita for being such a good and tireless sport! I also wanted to thank the people at One Dulles Corridor who generously offered their space for my photographic endeavors.

Take a look at a gallery of dance photos here. 



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  1. Jennifer Saunders September 7, 2011 at 10:54 am #

    Your photos are breathtaking!