Modeling Portfolio Tips

Here are a few tips to get you ready for your modeling portfolio shoot.

  1. Decide what kind of model you can/want to be. If you don’t fit the specs of a runway model, there are many types of modeling you can focus on; freelance, catalog, parts etc.
  2. Only pick the WOW photos. You don’t need many photos. You need to have at least one portrait and one full body shot, and no more than 10 photos all together. The point is to remember that need to show you (not your clothes) and the range of emotions and poses you have. DO include a photo without makeup.
  3. You need to include photos that focus on the area you are interested in. If you want to be the next Victoria’s Angel, you need to have lingerie shots. If you have no interest in or feel comfortable modeling swimsuits or lingerie, you don’t need to include such photos.
  4. Do not take selfies or have a friend take your photos. Use a professional photographer instead (me for example 🙂 ) because they bring with them experience and – if you choose – a crew to help you put your best foot forward.
  5. Choose to use a professional makeup artist and hair stylist. Makes a huge difference.
  6. Keep your outfits simple. Your portfolio is about you and your abilities as a model – not your outfits. Avoid patterns; use instead solid colors. Make sure the clothing fits well and flatters your body.
  7. If you have a particular skill, e.g. dance or ballet, try to include one or two photos that showcase that. It may be the ones that make you the right choice for a specific job.

Most of all, understand that it takes passion, dedication, hard work and thick skin to become a model. Now go get ’em!